Strawberry Festival – Storefront Pics

Most recently our town had their annual Strawberry Festival, here are a few pictures of our “All American Berries” window display. We had front row sets to the parade and were able to walk down to the Festival from the store. We are located at 125 S market St in downtown Troy.


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Here is my MySpace. Yes, I know it is a little corny but I like to keep in touch with friends and it is pretty easy to find ppl on here nowadays. The picture in my profile is Lily– She loves to dress herself.. very well I might add!

All I know is that after watching those Dateline internet stings, there’s no way Lily’s going near a MySpace account!

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Check Out These Shoes!

Oilily Leather Mary Jane. I love the Patchwork — this shoe could work with alot of outfits– at $137.00 I think my daughter will have to wear it to bed too! Also, love the little green soles..

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Fall Fashion Preview – Le Top

New Fall Winter Styles by Le Top. I personally Love Love Love the Princess Dresses with the tiaras– I bought the collection for my store. The Westies Collection pictured on the left is going to be a Huge hit as well. The Blue Doggie Collection for boys is adorable– I can’t see it selling for boys over 24months- 2T though. In my opinion cutesie stuff like this doesnt go over as big in the Toddler crowd.

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Welcome to the Duck Duck Goose Web Community

Fashion, celebrities, paparazzi, boutiques, children… That’s what I am all about right now. Starting a business from scratch is a big job, a big risk. For as long I can remember I have had a flair for fashion, a knack for selling and an unmatched work ethic, that’s is why I decided to open my own Children’s Boutique. Owning a children’s boutique is not as glamorous as it may seem– buying trips, merchandising nightmares, cash flow dilemmas. But I love it, I love my store, Duck Duck Goose. I also love to see what celebrity kids are wearing, a glimspe into their blessed little lives , and to sneak a peek at the little cherubs in the arms of the untouchables.

Ahhh- Little Zahara, perfection.

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